In the future, it is expected that the key processes in papermaking and paper converting, and in mineral processing will become fully autonomous or remotely operable. APASSI project seeks to develop the measurement infrastructure and related services making autonomous large-scale industrial process possible so that the process performance with respect to asset, raw material and energy efficiency, and quality and added value is radically improved. The goals set can be achieved only by combining many technologies: novel measurement technologies, model-based estimation methods, autonomous calibration, and dynamic optimization of measuring actions.

APASSI co-innovation joint action is based on a close co-operation between over 41 companies and 5 R&D organizations forming the effective APASSI eco-system. The eco-system covers all the technical components containing companies capable of rolling out the foreground technology widely to industrial end users, and it has companies with processes that will serve as test platforms during the project.

APASSI consists of 10 projects supported by Business Finland.


Project Coordinator
Janne Paaso


+358 40 0707052